Wittkowski: A Nutritional Supplement Could End The Pandemic

Lockdowns Would Guarantee Never-Ending Covid

In early 2020, epidemiologist and bio-statistician Dr. Knut Wittkowski was banned by social media for publicly criticizing masks and lockdowns. He insisted that a better approach would be to isolate and protect the elderly and high-risk population, while allowing everyone at low risk of complications to live their lives as normal.

According to Wittkowski, this would allow herd immunity to be attained in 6 - 8 weeks, after which the epidemic would naturally end (the way influenza does every year), and the elderly could end isolation.

Furthermore, Wittkowski predicted that the politically-endorsed infection mitigation measures intended to "flatten the curve" would do more harm than good, dragging the epidemic out indefinitely.

Other medical professionals agreed with Wittkowski, writing the Great Barrington Declaration, which asserts that the vulnerable should be protected, while allowing the low-risk population to resume normal life.

The Never-Ending Pandemic

A year later, Wittkowski can say "I told you so."

In a new interview, Wittkowski explains that the epidemic caused by the original strain of Covid-19 has already died out. We are now experiencing a new epidemic, caused by strains of Covid that have evolved to be different enough to escape the immunity built to the original strain.

The problem, as explained by Wittkowski, is simple to understand. The coronavirus takes approximately 90 days to evolve into a strain that, although clinically similar to the original, is treated by the human immune system as a completely different virus.

This means that lockdowns, school closures, and other infection-control measures that slow down the spread of contagion actually give the virus time to mutate. A similar issue affects vaccine development. Since it takes several months to develop and safety-test a vaccine (even a new version of an existing vaccine), each new vaccine will be a step behind. In other words, the new vaccine will be modeled on the old strain of the virus.

What's The Solution?

On the subject of viral immune escape, Wittkowski is echoing concerns that have been separately discussed by virologist Geert Vanden Bossche. However, while Vanden Bossche proposes vaccines focused on stimulating the immune system's "Natural Killer cells," Wittkowski advocates a completely different approach based on natural food ingredients that have already been approved as safe for human consumption.

First a little background. Covid-19 is classified as an "envelope virus." This means that it needs to be taken up into the host's body cells in order to reproduce. The process by which things enter cells is called endocytosis. Vaccines don't affect endocytosis, which is why vaccines don't prevent viral infection or transmission (when they work properly, they simply reduce disease by helping the body fight off the infection more quickly and effectively than it would otherwise).

However, as explained by Wittkowski, vaccination campaigns are susceptible to viral immune escape. Moreover, since the coronavirus vaccines are experimental, there is widespread concern about the unknown long-term effects they may cause.

On the other hand, even a slight reduction in endocytosis can dramatically improve disease outcomes. This is because the envelope virus is unable to reproduce as rapidly, giving the body's innate immune system more time to identify and eliminate it naturally.

Using Nutrition To Fight Covid

Endocytosis is naturally reduced to desirable levels during intermittent fasting. Advocates of intermittent fasting will be happy to hear this, but for the elderly or ill, fasting can be problematic. Put simply, limiting calories and nutrients is unhealthy for people who need those calories and nutrients to fight infection. Fortunately, the same effect can be achieved through other natural means.

According to Wittkowski, a food ingredient called alpha-cyclodextrin (aCD) can reduce endocytosis by the same degree as intermittent fasting. It does this by attaching itself to serum phospholipids in the body. These lipids are used by viruses for entry into cells, as well as replication, assembly, and release of progeny.

As Wittkowski explains, this approach does not attack the virus, it reduces the support that our own bodies give to the virus.

Normally, aCD has to be administered intravenously, which is inconvenient. However, Wittkowski's team has found that capric acid, a naturally-occurring component of milk fat and coconut oil, can be combined with aCD to allow it to be absorbed by the intestinal wall.

This approach has several key benefits.

  • It is effective in reducing the severity of infection from all strains of coronavirus (and other envelope viruses).
  • It is safe, inexpensive, and can be implemented immediately.
  • It would mean there is no need to use experimental vaccines with unknown long-term effects.
  • A variety of other diseases, including cancer, are associated with excessive endocytosis, which means that using aCD could improve overall health and reduce co-morbidities that make Covid disease worse.

Wittkowski's company, Asdera, is working on bringing this product to market. In doing so, they are going head-to-head with the pharmaceutical companies who are planning on billions of dollars in vaccine profits. Wittkowski has already been cancelled by the mainstream once; every person of conscience should demand that he not be cancelled again.

Key Points

  • Dr. Knut Wittkowski predicted in early 2020 that lockdowns would drag out the epidemic indefinitely.
  • He proposed isolaing the vulnerable and letting the low-risk population continue life as normal until herd immunity was reached in a couple of months.
  • He warns that Covid-19 is mutating too rapidly to be effectively controlled with vaccines.
  • Wittkowski proposes a safe approach based on food ingredients that are already recognized as safe.
  • Envelope viruses such as Covid-19 use serum phospholipids to enter cells and reproduce.
  • Alpha-cyclodextrin (aCD) naturally reduces these lipids in the body, to the same degree as intermitent fasting.
  • Although aCD normally requires intravenous injection, it can be combined with capric acid (a coconut oil and milk component) and absorbed by the small intestine.
  • This approach is already approved as safe, inexpensive, and could be implemented immediately.