Don't Underestimate The Coming Tyranny

Regime Change Brings Authoritarian Rule To America

The first two weeks of 2021 transformed America so drastically that most citizens couldn't even comprehend the magnitude of what they were seeing with their own eyes.

Already battered by the mandatory lockdowns, social distancing, and business closures of 2020, the American public entered 2021 eager for a fresh start at a better year.

It didn't work out that way.

Sequence Of Events

2021 began with increasingly heavy-handed censorship of any discussion related to election fraud. Despite overwhelming physical, mathematical, forensic and eye-witness evidence of massive fraud, the mainstream media insisted that all such allegations were "baseless," while YouTube, Twitter and Facebook aggressively removed any user-generated content that suggested otherwise.

Then, after 10 months of "mostly peaceful" rioting by Leftist groups, a massive and completely peaceful Trump rally in the DC Ellipse was followed by a less peaceful incursion into the Capitol by a small group of protesters of dubious affiliation. This event was met with hystrionics by politicians and media. BLM and Antifa's violent destruction of entire swaths of major cities had been largely tolerated, and even endorsed, by these same public figures. Yet the iPhone-wielding trespassers in the Capitol were immediately condemned as domestic terrorists, with the incursion labeled as an attempt to overthrow the government.

Following the Congressional approval of the Electoral College votes naming Joe Biden the 46th President, the situation escalated quickly. Immediately, Twitter - which has tolerated truly genocidal dictators since its inception - permanently banned Donald Trump - still the sitting President - from its platform. Facebook did the same. This was followed by a more general purge of tens of thousands of accounts sympathetic to Trump specifically, and American freedom in general.

As disgruntled Twitter users shifted to the Parler platform, making it the #1 app overnight, Google and Amazon abruptly announced that they were removing Parler from their app stores. Shortly thereafter, Amazon Web Services announced that it would no longer allow Parler to rent server infrastructure. Payment processing tool Stripe, project-management app Twilla, and American Express divested from Parler as well.

Like the mythical frog in the gradually-heating water who doesn't realize he has been boiled until it's too late, millions of Americans suddenly felt very uncomfortable. They had no good way to communicate with each other online, thanks to Big Tech's censorship, and no good way to communicate in person, thanks to COVID-justified restrictions. They knew that the election had been stolen, but the other half of the country refused to even discuss it. Their President had been completely silenced, and the incoming administration was already talking about retribution against them.

What happened to the Land of the Free?

The New Normal

It's important to understand that American politics are not simply tilting slightly farther left of center. The theft of the 2020 election by the authoritarian Left is the largest crime in history. Moreover, it is part of a coordinated global effort that the World Economic Forum's founder "The Great Reset."

"The Covid-19 crisis, and the political, economic and social disruptions it has caused, is fundamentally changing the traditional context for decision-making."

"As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons."

- World Economic Forum

In other words, using Covid-19 as a justification, the billionaires and mega-corporations that comprise the World Economic Forum want to seize absolute control of every aspect of your life. In their view, the world should be divided into two groups: a ruling elite that controls society, is above the law, and enjoys unlimited wealth and power ... And everybody else.

Think of the "New Normal" as neo-feudalism: they are the aristocracy, and we are the serfs.

This is not a new brand of rhetoric from the WEF. For years, their pet journalists, abetted by Edelman, the world's largest PR firm, have been spouting propaganda decrying "populism." Populism sounds bad, but it's actually just a pejorative term for Democracy. In the view of these elites, we, the people are too ignorant, xenophobic, and short-sighted to make decisions about their own lives. Those decisions need to be left to the experts, who just happen to be partners of the WEF.

The World Economic Forum has been joined in this effort by two other super-rich megalomaniacs.

Bill Gates, a die-hard eugenicist with zero medical qualifications, invested heavily in pharmaceutical companies before Covid-19 hit. He spent the last year promoting mass vaccination as the only answer to Covid-19, certainly because he stands to make billions by forcing mandatory, repeated vaccinations of everyone in the world, and perhaps because he sees an opportunity to implement his population-control ideas by covertly sterilizing vaccine recipients.

George Soros, a man so obviously evil that he figures prominently in virtually every major conspiracy theory, has been obsessed with the idea of the Open Society for decades, donating billions to his own Open Society Foundation. As with The Great Reset, the Open Society sounds like a great idea, until you realize that it means dissolving all national governments and bringing them under the authority of a single group of unelected global leaders.

Together, Schwab, Gates and Soros wield tremendous influence over the most powerful entities in both the public and private sectors. Through their personal connections and philanthropic foundations, they can handsomely reward anyone who supports them, and utterly destroy anyone who opposes them. The media never criticizes them, and no politician dares cross them.

The Biden Presidency was manufactured out of thin air by an unholy union of Democrat Party loyalists, self-loathing liberals, Socialist zealots, Big Tech and Big Media with dollar-signs in their eyes, and a general public brainwashed to believe the propaganda they're fed. This administration represents the culmination of what Schwab, Gates, Soros, and their lackeys have spent decades working for: a global regime that will refashion all of society in their own image. Or, as the slogan so frequently seen in campaign races puts it: Build Back Better.

Of course, in order to build something back, you first have to destroy it.

What To Expect

Although The Open Society and The Great Reset publicly venerate human rights and dignity while championing the progressive ideals of inclusion and equality, the reality is far different. As illustrated by the difference in response to the BLM/Antifa protests and the conservative/Trumpist protests, the system that Schwab, Gates and Soros are building is more accurately classified as Anarcho-Tyranny.

Anarcho-tyranny is a concept, where the state is argued to be more interested in controlling citizens so that they do not oppose the managerial class (tyranny) rather than controlling real criminals (causing anarchy). Laws are argued to be enforced only selectively, depending on what is perceived to be beneficial for the ruling elite.

- Urban Dictionary

Under Anarcho-Tyranny, those who support the regime can commit unlawful acts with complete impunity, while those who oppose the regime are prosecuted harshly for the most trivial or fabricated infraction. Anti-social behavior such as snitching and snooping are rewarded, while pro-social behavior such as open dialogue are punished. The goal of this system is behavior modification: make it so unpleasant for dissidents that nobody is willing to dissent.

What does this mean in the short term?

Loss of Free Speech

In leaked footage of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, he states that the effort of censorship extends far beyond the banning of Donald Trump, and will go on for a long time. All, of course in the name of public safety. In the Great Reset, any voice that opposes the system is dangerous by definition.

Loss of Privacy

After Parler was shut down, many users migrated to Signal and Telegram, which offer private, encrypted messaging. The media was alarmed that people might be able to communicate without being surveilled, with Forbes publishing an editorial predicting a "PR crisis brewing for the two apps as conservative groups take hold there - and the companies say nothing publicly about the influx. Or about intentions to turn away the new users." In other words, the very fact that these applications provide a mechanism for free speech makes them somehow complicit in the poisonous ideology of conservatism.

Interestingly, the very same article mentions that Telegram founder Pavel Durov fled Russia after founding a successful social media network because he "ran afoul of the Russian government when he refused to silence opposition politicians." The irony that Durov is now faced with the exact same problem in America seems to be lost on the Forbes editorial staff.

Loss of Liberty

Covid-19 was the perfect excuse to implement psychological torture techniques such as isolation (social distancing), dehumanization (masking), bullying (threat of punishment for lack of cooperation), and ego-destruction (loss of livelihood) to demoralize the population.

With that demoralization complete, officials are now proposing bills to allow for the arbitrary detention of anyone suspected of being "infectious," as well as a variety of digital "health passports" that would be required in order to travel, work or attend school.

As with the Covid-19 restrictions, and the Patriot Act before it, these authoritarian powers are framed as being necessary for public safety. Anyone who disagrees, therefore, is smeared as being selfish at best and actively dangerous at worst.

Loss of Independence

Millions of Americans have filed for unemployment since the Covid-19 restrictions went into effect in 2020. In addition to contributing to skyrocketing suicide and domestic abuse rates, this has made a growing segment of the population dependent on government largesse. This benefits the regime in two ways: it forces the victims of oppression to side with their oppressor, because they have no other source of income; and it creates a string that can then be pulled in order to modify behavior. For example, if acceptance of a Covid-19 vaccine became a requirement to qualify for unemployment, or to obtain a decent credit score, many people who would otherwise resist the hastily-produced and inadequately-tested vaccine will grit their teeth and accept it.

Return to War

Trump campaigned on an anti-war platform, and indeed reduced troop presence overseas to their lowest number in decades. This was much to the chagrin of the defense contractors, manufacturers, and upper-echelon military officers that hold sway in Washington. Now that he is out of the way, a Biden administration will be beating the war drums against China, Russia, Iran, and - most of all - "domestic terrorism," which will be defined as anyone who is not sufficiently enthusiastic about the new regime.

Bad Times Ahead

In 1887, Lord Acton famously wrote, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." Unfortunately, we are living through a time in which bad men who have accumulated absolute power have indeed become completely corrupt.

Schwab, Gates, and Soros will inevitably fail in their attempt to remake the world. Their kind always do. They are not conquerors like Alexander The Great or Genghis Khan, and they are not visionary leaders like Thomas Jefferson or Mahatma Ghandi. They are small, coddled men who believe that they know best how everyone else should live, and are utterly indifferent to the suffering their societal tinkering is causing.

Elections may be rigged, courts may be unjust, and the powerful elite may grind down the common man for a certain amount of time, but the human spirit can not be crushed for long. In the immortal words of the Declaration of Independence:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

It may take years of sufferable evil, abuses and usurpations, but eventually mankind will, once again, rise up and overthrow our tyrants.

Key Points

  • The first few days of 2021 brought a rapid escalation of censorship and suppression of basic freedoms.
  • The Biden administration is the culmination of a global agenda called The Great Reset, created by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, and supported by billionaires including Bill Gates and George Soros.
  • Inevitable next steps include increasing government surveillance and movement toward a system of anarcho-tyranny, in which law will be used not to protect the innocent, but to crush dissidents against the regime.
  • Loss of privacy, independence, and liberty are likely, as is a return to war.
  • It may take years before the population is ready to overthrow this new batch of tyrants.

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