Freedom from Tyranny and Hate

About Dysident

Dysident (pronounced "dissident") is dedicated to promoting the American ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Sadly, this is necessary because corporate media, government officials, and mainstream culture are actively undermining those principles. By using propaganda and censorship, they create the illusion that only "right-wing, white-supremacist extremists" disagree with their divisive, authoritarian agenda.

Our goal at Dysident is to shatter that illusion by creating products and shareable media that celebrate the ideas that made America great: free speech, free enterprise, and freedom from oppression. All with a healthy dose of irreverant humor.

When you wear, use or share a Dysident product, you are telling every freedom-loving person who sees it that they are not alone. Just as importantly, you'll be reminding yourself what you stand for. One t-shirt, one podcast, one video at a time, we want to help you take back your pride, your freedom, and our country.