Dr. Simone Gold Reveals Truth About COVID Vaccines

It's An Experimental Chemical Agent With Unknown Risks

Completing the training to become either a doctor or a lawyer is universally considered a tremendous intellectual accomplishment. Dr. Simone Gold has done both. She has a dual career as a board-certified emergency physician with an MD from Chicago Medical School AND as a licensed attorney with a law degree from Stanford University.

Dr. Gold most certainly does not fit the stereotype of a gullible mouth-breather with a tinfoil hat spreading baseless conspiracy theories. Yet, that is exactly how she has been portrayed in the media.

In July of 2020, Gold's group, America's Frontline Doctors, gave a press conference in Washington, DC. They denounced Covid hysteria, and stated that hydroxychloroquine was a safe, effective treatment, which was being suppressed in order to open the door to obscene pharmaceutical profits and unconstitutional government repression.

Although the video of their presentation was viewed over 20 million times, YouTube banned it, and she and her colleagues were excoriated by the medical establishment and mainstream press.

The Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine

Despite being burutally "cancelled" by the establishment (including being fired from her hospital job), Dr. Gold has continued her vociferous activism, most recently being arrested for participating in the January 6th Capitol protest. To the chagrin of the mainstream media, she has expanded her message to include warnings about the rapidly-developed Covid-19 vaccine they have been aggressively promoting.

On January 3rd, 2021, Dr. Gold was invited as a guest speaker at a large event held by Revival Ministries International in Tampa, Florida. The full video of her presentation, including follow-up Q&A can be seen here.

Key Points

Here is a brief summary of vital messages from Dr. Gold's speech.

  • Survival rate of Covid-19 is over 99% for ages under 70, and almost 94% for 70+
  • Even among patients with serious comorbities such as diabetes, recovery of Covid-19 patients taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc is virtually 100%
  • Overwhelmingly, deaths have been in nursing homes, and among people who are at end of life either from old age or because of other serious ailments
  • The Lancet study that stated HCQ was unsafe was completely fraudulent. Lancet was forced to retract it, but the damage was done, because HCQ trials had been halted, and the media largely buried the retraction.
  • The "vaccines" developed by Pfizer and Moderna are not vaccines, they are experimental biological agents.

Dr. Gold went on to detail some of the major issues that everyone should consider before accepting this experimental agent.

  • Using mRNA as a vaccine is a brand-new, untested technology with unknown long-term effects.
  • There have been no independently published animal studies showing the safety of the experimental agent.
  • Previous coronavirus vaccines have failed because they were unsafe for humans.
  • Known complications of coronavirus vaccines include autoimmune disease and "antibody dependent enhancement" or "pathogenic priming." This means that when a vaccinated animal or person encounters the virus, they will have an over-reaction, which has often been fatal in animal testing.
  • Covid-19 is bad for the placenta and the baby if you're pregnant, but these mRNA agents may extend that harm permanently, causing long-term fertility issues. The survival rate for women under 50 is 99.8%, so the risks of the vaccine far outweigh the potential benefit.
  • Pharma companies are completely shielded from any liability for harm caused by these products.
  • No proof that this experimental agent actually stops transmission or drops mortality. Surgeon General has stated this, and it is well documented.
  • We don't know how long it lasts, or how often it would need to be repeated.
  • Accepting the experimental agent enrolls you in a pharmacy-vigilance tracking system. It is not routine medicine: it is a medical trial.

Closing Thoughts

Dr. Gold addressed the vaccine hesitancy in the black community. She had noted that her non-white colleagues had not responded favorably to the government's statement that offering this experimental biological agent to black people first is "racial justice." She did some research, and learned that six different vaccines in common usage have already been proven to have increased adverse effects on non-white people.

In conclusion, Dr. Gold strongly discouraged anyone under age 70 from taking the vaccine, and recommended that those over 70 who were concerned about their risk of Covid take daily zinc and weekly hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure. She shared that anyone in the United States who needed hydroxychloroquine could go to the AFLD website and contact a physician for a tele-medicine appointment. The prescription would be filled by a mail-order pharmacy, and the medication would be legally shipped to the patient.

As a final call-to-action, Dr. Gold urged everyone to sign a petition to protect the public from being forced to take experimental vaccines.

Key Points

  • Dr. Simone Gold is a board-certified emergency physician, and a licensed attorney.
  • She was one of the original founders of America's Frontline Doctors, an organization that advocated for patient and physician's rights throughout the Covid hysteria of 2020.
  • Dr. Gold advocates for hydroxychloroquine as a safer, more effective method of treating Covid-19 than experimental medications.
  • Dr. Gold states that the Covid "vaccine" is actually an experimental chemical agent that has not been properly tested, and carries significant risks.
  • If you take the Covid "vaccine" you are not just getting a shot, you are enrolling as a human subject in a medical trial.
  • Previous coronavirus vaccines have failed because of "pathogenic priming." The vaccine was tolerated well by animal subjects, but when exposed to the virus, the test subjects' immune systems overreacted, and the animals died.
  • Covid-19 infection carries some temporary risk of reproductive harm, during the infection itself. The experimental vaccine may make that reproductive harm permanent.
  • Dr. Gold's organization has set up a tele-medicine service where patients anywhere in the USA can confer with a doctor and have hydroxychloroquine shipped directly to them.

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