Leading Virologist Condemns Mass Vaccination and Lockdowns

Vanden Bossche Warns That Current Policies Will Cause 'Catastrophe'

Geert Vanden Bossche is not an anti-vaxxer. In fact, he has led major vaccine development programs for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI, and other international health organizations, as well as pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis. When he discusses science, other scientists listen. And he is sounding the alarm as loud as he can about the global Covid-19 response.

Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.
- Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD

First in a 12-page paper posted on his LinkedIn profile and website, and then in a series of interviews with other respected doctors and scientists, Vanden Bossche warns that the "catastrophic" consequences of mass vaccination and general lockdowns are not only inevitable, but are already occurring.

Although Vanden Bossche's statements are primarily intended for his peers, and are therefore a bit dense for the general public, his main point is easily understood by anyone: the current policies of mass vaccination and general lockdowns are simultaneously promoting the emergence of more infectious strains of Covid-19, while reducing the ability of people's immune systems to fight these new strains. As a result, Vanden Bossche predicts increasing waves of illness and death centered on vaccinated populations, but also affecting the unvaccinated as well.

Vanden Bossche is well aware that he has put his career on the line to share what he refers to as "pure science." He sees this as a moral imperative, and is calling on his colleagues to review his work and discuss it publicly. In brief, this is the argument he makes:

  1. The Covid-19 vaccine does not prevent infection by the virus, it only reduces the severity of the symptoms of infection. This turns vaccinated people into "asymptomatic shedders" who can still spread the virus, while displaying few or no signs of illness as their vaccine-generated antibodies fight the infection.
  2. This leads to "viral escape," which means that the strains of the virus most resistant to the vaccinated immune response are the ones spread by vaccinated asymptomatic shedders.
  3. This means that, contrary to what has been promoted in the media, herd immunity during a pandemic can not be achieved by vaccination. This is because the virus will rapidly evolve new strains that avoid the specific antibodies generated by the vaccine.
  4. Human beings have some level of innate immunity to acute, self-limiting infections such as those caused by coronaviruses. Healthy, young and middle-aged people naturally have very efficient immune systems full of non-specific antibodies that eliminate any infected cells they find. Older people and those with underlying diseases have less efficient immune systems, with fewer non-specific antibodies. This is why Covid-19 morbidity (serious illness) and mortality (death) has been primarily seen in people over age 60 or with other diseases.
  5. In young, healthy people, the Covid-19 vaccine stimulates the production of antibodies that are specific to the strain of Covid-19 used in vaccine development. These new, specific antibodies outcompete the body's natural, non-specific antibodies, reducing their immune system's ability to fight any other strains of coronavirus.
  6. While isolating people with low natural immunity to protect them from Covid-19 infection makes sense, isolating people with high innate immunity - particularly children - has prevented them from sharing and eliminating the virus. This has interrupted the natural process of herd immunity, which would normally consist of three waves of infection, as observed during the 1918 infleunza epidemic.

In short, Vanden Bossche's warning is this: mass vaccination is creating a population of people with less innate ability to fight new strains of coronavirus, while encouraging the coronavirus to evolve new strains. This will cause increasing waves of morbidity and mortality, as new strains of the virus infect people whose immune systems have been artificially adjusted to fight only the old strains.

The worst-case scenario, according to Vanden Bossche, is that a vicious cycle of new strains chased by new vaccines will artificially drive Covid-19 to evolve into a far more dangerous form than it otherwise would. This is analogous to the way over-use of antibiotics have driven the evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA.

Vanden Bossche states that these dire consequences are already beginning to occur in countries such as the USA, UK and Israel that have launched aggressive vaccination campaigns. In a few months, we will know if he is right.

Key Points

  • Geert Vanden Bossche is a world-renowned virologist with impeccable credentials.
  • He warns that mass vaccination during a pandemic will cause more illness and death.
  • The Covid-19 vaccine tells the body to produce specific antibodies, which are good at fighting the strain of Covid-19 that was used for vaccine development, but less able to fight new strains of coronavirus.
  • People with healthy immune systems have general antibodies that can fight any strain of coronavirus. Unfortunately, the new, specific antibodies outcompete these old, general antibodies.
  • Since viruses evolve new strains constantly, the strains that are most resistant to these specific antibodies "escape" and spread rapidly.
  • Because their general antibodies have been replaced by specific antibodies, vaccinated people have less immunity to the new strains of the virus, and consequently get sicker and die more than unvaccinated people.
  • This "viral escape" is why herd immunity by vaccination is impossible during a pandemic.
  • This is already occurring in countries such as the USA, UK and Israel.