Celebrity Doctor Condemns Lockdown

Dr. Cyril Wecht decries "draconian measures."

Dr. Cyril Harrison Wecht has seen a lot of dead people. Over 20,000 in fact, since he is a professional forensic pathologist. He's been called to testify as an expert on high-profile cases including the Warren Commission findings on the assassination of John. F. Kennedy. Now, he is speaking out against the global lockdown.

In an opinion piece entitled, "Time to end the COVID-19 hysteria: The pandemic can be contained without draconian measures and overreaction," Dr. Wecht compassionately and methodically explains why the toll in human life is greater from the lockdown than from the COVID-19 virus that it is intended to counter.

"I would like to suggest that people stand back and calmly and objectively reflect upon the price society is paying for this widespread ongoing sequestration," he writes. He then points out the following:

  • Academia: graduations have been cancelled, and new graduates can't get job interviews.
  • Athletics: events cancelled at every level, all around the world.
  • Medical services: important procedures, both preventive and elective, have been indefinitely postponed.
  • Legal processes: no jury trials, countless cases left in limbo as court buildings are shuttered.
  • Spirituality: during trying times, people are barred from communities and places of worship.
  • Unemployment: over 30 million Americans unemployed.
  • Mental illness: suicides, psychotic episodes, abuse all on the rise.
  • Elderly and others in facilities not receiving adequate care.
  • People unable to visit their ill or dying loved ones, or to attend funerals.

"I heartily agree with the need to protect our disabled and elderly populations and individuals who are more susceptible to the ravages of the coronavirus because of chronic respiratory, cardiovascular and other systemic disease processes," Wecht writes. "At the same time, we must begin to lift up restrictions, end quarantines and commence normal activities across the board in all fields of endeavor."

"We have an obligation to save lives, but we also have the responsibility and right to enjoy our lives and to not compromise the lives of non-COVID-infected individuals," he concludes. "The time to dispense with panic and hysteria has arrived. A return to a functioning civilized society is now overdue. The overall restrictive measures that have been imposed are simply unsustainable.

Key Points

  • Dr. Wecht has testified as an expert in high-profile cases, including the assassination of JFK.
  • He says that COVID lockdowns do more harm than good.
  • He calls for a "return to a functioning civilized society."

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