COVID Vaccine Used For Legal Discrimination

Digital Passports Will Facilitate Persecution Of Dissidents

The COVID vaccine is quickly becoming a litmus test that determines compliance to The World Economic Forum's "Great Reset." With the help of Big Tech and the medical establishment, anyone who refuses vaccination will be legally discriminated against. Restrictions will initially include traveling and attending events, but will quickly be expanded to working and attending school.

With vaccination status being compared to a credit score that establishes your level of risk, the WEF has created an initiative called the Common Trust Network, which is advocating for a "CommonPass" mandatory, forgery-proof, digital vaccination ID. As stated on their website, this will provide governments with "a more reliable assessment of individuals' health status as a part of a multi-layered risk management approach."

In other words, if you resist vaccination, you will be identified to the government as a "risk."

Technology companies are happy to profit by facilitating this medical tyranny. IBM is actively promoting their new "Digital Health Pass," a smartphone app that promises to grant vaccinated people access to locations "such as a workplace, school, stadium or airline flight."

Blockchain technology ensures that the digital ID is "verified, trusted and tamper-proof," so getting around it will not be as simple as forging a paper vaccination record.

Advertised as "a smart way to return to society," the implication is perfectly clear: if you refuse to have the hastily-developed, inadequately-tested, first-ever mRNA vaccine with completely unknown long-term effects injected into your body, you will not be permitted to return to society. You will be barred from your workplace and school, and your rights to travel and assemble will be terminated.

This, by the way, not idle speculation. It is already happening in Israel, where the government has announced that vaccinated citizens will receive "green passports." Details are unclear, but authorities stated, "it will free people from isolation requirements and allow them to enter places that will still be restricted to other populations." The Jerusalem Post reported that this "would be an excellent tool for encouraging the population to get vaccinated."

The irony that vaccination passports would create a de facto underclass of people who could then be legally discriminated against seems to have escaped the government of Israel - most of whom are Jews, a community that has been the subject of legal discrimination for millennia.

Israel, of course, is simply the first country to implement vaccine discrimination. The Western medical establishment brushes aside the ethical concerns of vaccination passports, and encourages all nations to do so. In October 2020, a group of doctors published a paper in The Lancet entitled "The scientific and ethical feasibility of immunity passports", concluding that "opposition does not seem justified." The opposition to which they were referring included a May 2020 commentary by Georgetown professor Alexandra Phelan, in which she noted:

"immunity passports pose considerable scientific, practical, equitable, and legal challenges ... Like all such privileges administered by a government, immunity passports would be ripe for both corruption and implicit bias."

Unfortunately, Phelan qualified her objections on the premise that immunity passports would be based on prior infection. This would incentivize people to get sick, which she considered to be unethical. In contrast, "vaccination certificates incentivise individuals to obtain vaccination against the virus, which is a social good," she writes. She helpfully points out that, "Under the IHR, states can require travellers to provide vaccination certificates ... Once, and if, a vaccine is developed, COVID-19 vaccination certificates could be included in revised WHO recommendations."

With medical, governmental, and corporate power unified behind the effort to mandate COVID vaccination as a prerequisite to participation in society, this issue is likely to become one of the major flashpoints in the conflict between those who advocate subjugating human rights in service of The Great Reset, and those who wish to preserve liberty for themselves and their children.

Key Points

  • The World Economic Forum, Big Tech, and governments are pushing for systems to identify people who have received the COVID vaccine.
  • Those who refuse the vaccine will be barred from re-entering society.
  • IBM has developed an app that uses tamper-proof blockchain technology to store vaccination status.
  • Israel is the first country to issue special IDs based on vaccination status.

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