Is It Conspiracy ...

Or Just Business As Usual?

In mainstream society, if you point out that a few organizations are accumulating enormous wealth and power, while most individuals are losing the tiny bit of money and autonomy that they had, you'll probably be called a conspiracy theorist.

The fact is, though, that you don't need a conspiracy theory to explain what's happening. It's just business as usual.

When you work for an organization – a government agency, a corporation, a church, a trade union, or any other type of institution – you are hired to do some specific job. Marketing, sales, manufacturing ... But whatever your role is, your PURPOSE is to serve the interests of your employer. In crude terms, this means making sure that your organization gets bigger and richer. How good you are at this is called your economic impact, and it largely determines your salary. If your impact is negative - that is, you cause your employer to lose money or influence - you get fired. Everyone knows that. This means that when employees are faced with a choice between what’s good for their employer – and, by extension, themselves – and what’s good for everyone else, most of the time, they're going to choose in favor of their own self-interest. That's human nature.

Sometimes, the choice might be a difficult one, but if your job, reputation or social status is at stake, you’ll probably do whatever it takes to keep the boss happy. The child-abuse coverups at Penn State or in the Catholic Church are perfect examples of this. Employes will protect their organization, even if it means abetting the most heinous behavior, BECAUSE THAT’S THEIR JOB.

This is not an anomaly, this is NORMAL.

That’s why investment bankers take huge risks with other people’s money. That’s why career politicians always favor restrictions on political dissent. That’s why federal judges rule in favor of federal prosecutors almost 100% of the time. That’s why companies support the campaigns of “representatives” who will push through legislation that helps them crush their competition. That’s why tyranny always grows, the rich always get richer, and why individuals always have to fight for their freedom. It’s why the accumulation of power by ANY individual, group or organization is ALWAYS dangerous to everyone else.

It's why governments, corporations and special interest groups work together for their benefit, and our detriment. It doesn't take a shadowy master plan to ruin society. All it takes is human nature.

It’s NOT conspiracy. It IS business as usual.

Key Points

  • Immigration policies have a long history of racism.
  • Policies designed to be tough on illegal immigrants affect many innocent people.
  • Immigration has always been fundamental to America's prosperity.

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