Black Americans Hit Hardest By COVID Hysteria

Community devastated by impact of health, economics and politics

If you wanted to deliberately destroy the African-American community, you could hardly do worse than what politicians did during the first half of 2020.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, officials took the following actions:

  • Economically devastated the black community with shutdowns that disproportionately affected black-owned businesses.
  • Jeopardized black families by closing schools and then losing contact with students in poor and rural areas.
  • Maximized the rate of COVID infections among the black community, by provoking/encouraging mass protests. Note that this population already has a disproportionately high rate of complications from COVID.
  • Electorally disenfranchising them by shutting polling places. Because this puts more people together in the same spaces for longer, this increases the risk of contagion.

Whether these actions are the result of malice or incompetence, the result is the same: black Americans are being harmed twice by the pandemic - once by the disease itself, and again by the second-order effects that hit their families, businesses and communities harder than any other group's.

Key Points

  • Lockdowns have devastated black-owned businesses.
  • Black children have been harmed by school closures.
  • Black adults are more susceptible to complications from COVID.

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