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Biden Inauguration Marks End of American Liberty

If the passage of the Patriot Act in 2001 signified the beginning of the end for the United States, the inauguration of Joe Biden 20 years later marked the end of the end. With the Left in full control of the US government, legislators are acting swiftly to legalize complete suppression of dissent with the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.

Legacy of the Patriot Act

In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the Patriot Act was passed with virtually no debate. In the weeks and months that followed, it became clear how un-American this legislation really was. As Forbes Magazine noted a decade later:

"The Act effectively jettisons that long-cherished principle of civilized criminal law and American jurisprudence: that one is presumed innocent until (and unless) proven guilty. Under the Act we're all assumed to be guilty unless we prove our innocence. What could be more un-American than that?"

- Richard Salsman, Forbes Magazine, 2011

The Patriot Act eroded the Bill of Rights in many destructive ways, including:

  • Allowing government agencies to search phone records, e-mails, financial records, and medical documents.
  • Allowing government agencies to issue search warrants without judicial pre-approval.
  • Replaced the long-standing principle of "knock and announce" with "sneak and peek," which allow agencies to conduct covert searches of homes and offices, without notifying the occupants that they have done so.
  • Allowing "gag orders," which forbid a person or organization who has been forced to turn over records from disclosing the search to anyone.
  • Created the authority for the TSA to detain, search, and interrogate anyone at any time.
  • Authorizing the NSA's mass surveillance of American telecommunications.
  • Giving the Attorney General the right to indefinitely detain non-citizens without trial or due process.
  • Allowing government agents to demand any information about any person from any entity, without evidence, based solely on the claim that it affects national security.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, the Patriot Act created the new crime of "domestic terrorism."

Domestic Terrorism Is Whatever They Say It Is

The ACLU reacted with particular alarm to the development of domestic terrorism, noting that "The Patriot Act transforms protesters into terrorists," and asking, "How long will it be before an ambitious or politically motivated prosecutor uses the statute to charge members of controversial activist groups like Operation Rescue or Greenpeace with terrorism?"

With the benefit of hindsight, we can see that not only are establishment progressive groups like Greenpeace safe from persecution, but even violent, self-avowedly Marxist organizations like Antifa and BLM are largely given a pass. This is thanks to the "prosecutorial discretion" created by vague, over-arching laws that can be enforced or not, based on the whim of bureaucrats.

The reverse, of course, is also true. While left-leaning groups are given free rein to cause mayhem and destruction, anyone who opposes the leftist agenda is immediately branded as a menace to society, in need of imprisonment or re-education.

This trend came to full fruition following the 2020 election. On January 6, while over 100,000 people rallied in support of President Trump at the White House ellipse, a small contingent of protesters - no more than 200, or .002% of the total attendees - walked into the Capitol building through open doors.

Although BLM protests that had left Washington DC in flames in June were called "mostly peaceful," the Capitol incursion was immediately condemned as an attempt to overthrow the government, or at the very least, to assassinate Senators. Rep. Bennie Thompson, chair of the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security, stated that, "these folks, in my opinion, can be classified as domestic terrorists," and went as far as to accuse Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley of "liability for inciting this insurrection."

Buoyed on a headwind of media-fueled hysteria about the Capitol incursion, members of Congress began drumming up support for DTPA, the "Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act," which had stalled in 2019. The DTPA is the direct successor to the Patriot Act; further propels the USA away from its founding principles of freedom, and towards the type of repression favored by authoritarian regimes.

What's In The DTPA?

The DTPA begins with an assertion that "white supremacists and other far-right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States." Note that the conflation of "white supremacist" and "far-right-wing extremist" is intentional. According to this narrative, anyone who opposes the left is not only a far-right-wing extremist, but also a white supremacist.

The bill then proposes the following actions:

  • Creating a Domestic Terrorism Unit at DHS "which shall be responsible for monitoring and analyzing domestic terrorism activity."
  • Creating a Domestic Terrorism Office at the Department of Justice, "which shall be responsible for investigating and prosecuting incidents of domestic terrorism."
  • Creating a Domestic Terrorism Section at the FBI, "which shall be responsible for investigating domestic terrorism activity."
  • Creating a Domestic Terrorism Executive committee, "to coordinate with United States Attorneys and other key public safety officials across the country to promote information sharing and ensure an effective, responsive, and organized joint effort to combat domestic terrorism."
  • Overhauling the training agents are given, in order to "focus on the most significant domestic terrorism threats." Since the most significant threat has already been defined as far-right extremism, this means that the training can be expected to ignore other threats, such as those posed by far-left extremists or Islamists.

In short, the DTPA effectively shifts the state apparatus from the fight against foreign enemies to the suppression of American dissidents. Instead of protecting the USA against real terrorists, the government will focus on surveilling and prosecuting Americans who criticize it.

RIP America

As President Biden was sworn in, surrounded by tens of thousands of armed troops and an audience of empty chairs, the Land of the Free took its last, shuddering breath, never to stir again. Our future now is not that of a society dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but - like the Russians, Germans, Chinese, Venezuelans and so many other victims of oppression before us - that of a crushed, demoralized, and fearful people.

Starting today, we will need to watch what we say, what websites we visit, what we buy, and with whom we associate.

We will need to know who will report us, and whom we can trust.

We will need to know how much truth we tell our children, for fear that they might question their teachers.

We must be prepared for our homes, possessions and bodies to be searched at any time, simply because an agent of the state demands it.

We must understand that, if we are detained, or if we disappear, nobody will be held accountable.

We must remember that, as of January 20, 2021, America is dead.

Key Points

  • The Patriot Act created the term "domestic terrorism" 20 years ago.
  • In the wake of the Capitol incursion, the term is being used against anyone who criticizes the leftist regime.
  • The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act is being hurried through Congress.
  • It will turn America into an authoritarian police state.

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